We transform innovative ideas into world-class technology companies.

Accurately track progress to increase efficiencies.
Learn Coach
Designing, building & releasing an education app for NCEA students in under six weeks.

What we do. We combine data science, strategy, design & technology to disrupt industries.

Create a new product

Design and build a first version of your digital product on a budget.

Improve an existing company

Learn, prioritise and implement improvements to transform your digital product.

Grow your customer base

Improve the conversion rate of your marketing collateral and grow your business.

Product consulting

Prioritise your product roadmap and improve your ways of working in order to reach key milestones.

Point of difference. We support early-stage and high-growth technology companies.

Small, senior teams

The best digital products are created by hands-on, multidisciplinary teams of experts with experience crafting successful experiences.

Tailored approach

Every company is different, and one size doesn’t fit all. We cater our approach on a case by case basis in order to ensure we work in the way the best suits your company.

Real value, real fast

Our focus on understanding your business and helping you prioritise activities helps us ensure that we can deliver real, tangible value early into our engagement.

No grand reveals

While we love a good presentation, we know when they’re not needed. We collaborate closely and share frequently to avoid wasting time.

Support with scaling

If we do our job well, our client’s businesses will flourish and they will eventually not need us. We support our clients with scaling their business and when the time is right, hiring talent internally.

Cost effective

Our cost structures reflect an understanding that early stage and high growth companies are not enterprise level clients with open cheque books.

Edition actively participates in our company development. We see them as an extension of our product team and value their desires to help us continually improve.
Armin Svoboda, Head of Digital