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We are an award-winning design agency helping early-stage and fast growing SaaS companies design and build beautiful software, brands and user experiences.

SaaS expertise


Streamlining financial management with innovative SaaS solutions for budgeting and investment analysis.

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Digital Healthcare

Advanced SaaS platforms for patient management, telemedicine, and electronic health records.

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Transport & Logistics

Innovative SaaS for efficient fleet management, route optimization, and supply chain solutions.

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SaaS platforms enhancing online learning, classroom management, and educational content distribution.

Deep Tech

Pioneering SaaS applications leveraging AI, IoT, and Big Data for transformative solutions.

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Tailored SaaS for precision farming, crop management, and sustainable agricultural practices.

SaaS Services

Software Development

Developing robust, scalable SaaS solutions through software engineering that aligns with evolving market trends and business goals for comprehensive, dynamic results.

Product Discovery
Insights shaping successful, responsive SaaS products, tailored to your audience.
Solution Mapping
Effective SaaS roadmaps by aligning technology solutions with your business objectives.
UI UX Design
Intuitive and engaging UI for SaaS applications, enhancing user experience and interaction.
Agile Software Development
Adapting to the evolving SaaS industry with agile, responsive software development.

Other Activities

Product Strategy


Design Sprints


Artificial Intelligence


Mobile App Development

SaaS Branding

Creating unique brand identities for SaaS platforms, incorporating market trends and user insights for resonant, memorable brand experiences.

Competitor Analysis
In-depth market analysis to competitively position your SaaS brand.
Brand Strategy
Strategic approaches to shape your SaaS brand, connecting and captivating your audience.
Concept Development
Transforming innovative ideas into viable, market-ready SaaS solutions.
Logo Design
Crafting an impactful logo, capturing the essence of your SaaS brand's identity and values.

Other Activities

Market Research


Customer Research


Trend Analysis

SaaS Websites

Designing comprehensive, user-focused websites for SaaS businesses, with emphasis on engagement, seamless navigation, and optimal functionality.

Visual concepts guiding the development of cohesive and compelling SaaS designs.
Establishing the structural foundation for intuitive and effective SaaS website layouts.
UI UX Design
Delivering visually appealing and user-friendly designs for SaaS websites and applications.
Webflow Development
Building high-performing, responsive and engaging SaaS websites with seamless user interfaces.

Other Activities

Design Systems


User Testing


Interface Design


API Integrations

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What sets Edition's SaaS design apart from others?
Edition's SaaS design is distinguished by our commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions that blend innovative aesthetics with functional efficiency.

Our co-founder-led team in New Zealand emphasises a collaborative approach, ensuring each project reflects our unique blend of creative and technical prowess.

Our pricing model is transparent, focusing on delivering value-driven design services tailored to the unique needs of SaaS companies (without outsourcing).
How does Edition ensure a user-centric design for SaaS products?
At Edition, we prioritise understanding the end-user's needs through in-depth research strategies. Our development team crafts prototypes and delivers design projects with a focus on usability, ensuring our SaaS designs are intuitive and meet the highest standards of user experience.

This approach is integral to our design services and what we do as a software company, ensuring every SaaS product is user-centric from the ground up.
How does Edition balance functionality and aesthetics in SaaS UI/UX design?
Our design expertly balances functionality and aesthetics in SaaS UI/UX design, a crucial aspect of our product development process. We believe that effective design is not just about how a digital solution looks but also how it works.

Our project management process involves close collaboration between designers and developers to create prototypes that are visually appealing and highly functional—ensuring our SaaS designs are user-friendly and highly visually appealing.
How does Edition leverage machine learning in SaaS applications?
We harness the power of machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies to our SaaS applications. Our solutions range from advanced data analytics to intelligent automation, all integrated seamlessly into your SaaS platform.

By leveraging machine learning, we empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhance user experience, and stay ahead. Our expertise in applying the latest technologies extends to various sectors, such as e-commerce, fintech, real estate and healthcare management systems.
How does Edition align Its software development methodology with business needs?
Our software development methodology is meticulously aligned with our clients' specific business needs and integrates DevOps practices to ensure continuous delivery and high-quality software products.

Leveraging our years of experience (from clients and their audiences whether they’re in America, Europe or India), we adopt a bespoke approach, ensuring that every software product we develop, whether a web app or enterprise software, precisely addresses the unique challenges and objectives of our clients and their audiences.

Our team, proficient in frameworks like .NET and tools like Jira, employs a mix of Scrum and other agile methodologies, delivering custom software solutions that are both innovative and highly functional.
How does edition excel as a mobile app development company?
As a top mobile app development company, we specialise in creating both iOS and Android apps that deliver exceptional digital experiences. Our app development agency, based in Auckland, excels in developing cross-platform solutions utilising technologies like Flutter and Node.js.

We cater to global clients, including in the USA, Canada, and Europe, providing cost-effective services with the highest level of quality assurance. Our dedicated team works on mobile application development, ensuring every app – whether it's Android or for iPhone, iPad, or wearable devices – is top-notch and performs seamlessly across all devices and app stores.
How does Edition's full-stack expertise enhance mobile and web app development projects?
Edition distinguishes itself as a top-rated software development agency by offering comprehensive full-stack expertise in both mobile app development services and web app development. Our approach integrates app design and backend development, creating app solutions that are robust, scalable, and user-centric.

As a technology partner, we focus on developing iOS apps and web applications that deliver high downloads and user engagement. Utilising expertise across common technologies (such as Apple’s SwiftUI and Microsoft’s ASP.NET) ensures that our products are at the forefront of innovation.

Our commitment to excellence in all development projects shows our ability to consistently deliver outstanding digital solutions to our clients—anywhere from down the road in Auckland to New York.