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Web App Development

We design and build complex web applications and custom software solutions for technology companies and enterprises in New Zealand & Australia, America, and globally.

Key Capabilities

UX Design

User Interface Design

Web Application Development

Software Development





Database Architecture

Key Capabilities

Rapid Prototyping

Through rapid prototyping, we turn your ideas into tangible, interactive prototypes allowing us to streamline the development process. From Auckland, our team ensures alignment with your vision, creating innovative software products that accelerate the feedback loop.

Third-Party Integrations

Embrace enhanced capabilities with software engineers specialising in third-party integrations. Enrich your web application, providing added value without compromising on integrity or speed.

UI Development

Crafting immersive user interfaces through UI UX design that captivates and drives engagement. Our web design prioritises user-friendly, intuitive experiences for unparalleled user journeys.

Database Architecture

Designing robust databases tailored to your web app's specific needs. Our software engineers ensure seamless performance, scalability, and data integrity to power digital transformation.

API Design & Development

Crafting APIs with precision, our web application developers bridge platforms and tools. This amplifies your web app's capabilities and ensures seamless integration with other software products.


Ensuring continuous delivery and integration, our software engineers prioritise efficiency, reliability, and smooth deployment. With our expertise, web apps transition flawlessly across devices and platforms, leveraging automation for optimal efficiency.

Web App Development Approach

Research & Discovery

In our discover phase, we immerse ourselves in your business goals and vision, tailoring a foundational strategy that propels your product from concept to reality.

Discovery Workshop
Interactive workshops foster collaborative brainstorming and strategic alignment.
Customer Interviews
Feedback-focused interviews to guide user-centric development.
Competitor Analysis
Strategic competitor insights to carve out your app's niche.
User Personas
To drive design decisions that resonate and engage your target audiences.

Other Activities

User Profiles


Feature Scoping


Technical Discovery


MVP Definition

Web App Design

Our approach to designing web applications prioritises the perfect blend of form and function, crafting user experiences that not only look great but deliver tangible results.

Product Strategy
We craft strategic roadmaps that guide your product to success.
Wireframes build the blueprint for structured, strategic user interfaces.
Rapid Prototyping
Prototypes bring early designs to life for real-time testing and feedback.
User Interface Design
Aesthetic, intuitive UI designs engage users and enhance usability.

Other Activities

Feature Prioritisation


User Testing & Validation


Design Systems



Development & Quality Assurance

Our development combines robust coding with rigorous QA to deliver web applications that perform seamlessly across all platforms and devices.

Agile Software Development
Efficient development practices driven by clear project documentation in Jira.
API Design & Development
Secure, scalable API solutions for extended app utility.
Database Architecture
Robust database designs for seamless scalability.
CRM Integrations
CRM integration for enhanced customer engagement.

Other Activities

Third-party API Integration


Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence

Post-Launch Support

We deliver continuous support post-launch to enhance, refine, and perfect your web application, ensuring it thrives using the latest technologies.

Analytics & Insights
Gathering data to inform decision making and improve user experiences.
Conversion Optimisation
Constantly learning and refining your web app to drive an increase in performance.
Feature Development
Regularly updating with new, innovative features to meet on-demand unique needs of users.
Performance Monitoring
Following performance insights to maintain a high-performing web app.

Other Activities

UX Updates


Onboarding Refinement


Conversion Optimisation


User Testing

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How can I be certain of Edition's expertise in web apps?
Edition operates as a blend of a Venture Studio and Digital Agency, backed by a team of experienced web and mobile app developers. Our portfolio showcases a range of success stories across sectors, standing testimony to our proficiency in web and mobile app development. Moreover, as a top-tier mobile app development provider and technology studio based in New Zealand (not outsourcing to America, Europe or India), we've been recognised and endorsed by businesses and startups alike.

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