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Deep Tech

We partner with deep tech startups and enterprises to pioneer innovations in AI, biotech, clean energy, and other cutting-edge fields.

Deep Tech expertise

Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing artificial intelligence to drive smarter decision-making and automation in various industry sectors.

Life Sciences

Advancing through innovation, enhancing diagnostics and treatments in healthcare and biotechnology.

5G & Connectivity

Pioneering solutions for faster, more efficient digital products and services in real-time.

Clean Energy

Innovating to combat climate change and promote sustainability in energy solutions.

Advanced Materials

Developing for next-generation applications in aerospace, electronics, and sustainability initiatives.


Empowering biotech advancements with cutting-edge technologies for healthcare, diagnostics, and sustainable agricultural solutions.

Our Services

Software Development

Expertly blending user research and design principles with agile methodologies, we develop cutting-edge software tailored for deep tech ventures.

Product Discovery
Unlocking key insights and validating ideas, for successful and innovative product development.
Solution Mapping
Roadmap for success, aligning business goals, user needs, and capabilities.
UI UX Design
Crafting UX and UI design, enhancing deep tech user experiences.
Agile Software Development
Agility in deep tech application development, ensuring product adaptability.

Other Activities

Product Strategy


User Profiles


Design Sprints


App Development


We create deep tech branding strategies that resonate with your audience, combining user insights with competitive analysis for a unique brand identity.

Competitor Analysis
In-depth insights and strategic decisions, making your deep tech product stand out.
Brand Strategy
Aligning your vision with market demands to create a resonant, impactful identity.
Concept Development
From ideation to execution, creating user-friendly and advanced technology.
Logo Design
Embody your deep tech venture with a memorable and compelling logo.

Other Activities

Market Research


Customer Research


Trend Analysis

Marketing Websites

Our marketing websites for deep tech startups are crafted with user-centric design and tested for usability, ensuring optimal engagement and functionality.

Visualisation facilitates brainstorming and creates cohesive design concepts.
Lay the groundwork for intuitive interfaces, ensuring clarity and functionality in design.
UI UX Design
Delivering UI/UX solutions that are both visually stunning and highly usable.
Webflow Development
Responsive, dynamic websites with exceptional performance and a user-friendly interface.

Other Activities

Design Systems


User Testing


Interface Design


API Integrations

Pitch Decks

We help deep tech ventures craft impactful pitch decks that visually convey their innovative ideas to engage potential investors and partners.

Component Libraries
Enhancing software development efficiency and user interface consistency.
Visual Consistency
Consistency across platforms—key for brand identity and user engagement.

Other Activities

Design Patterns


Design Tokens


UI Kits

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What is deep tech, and how does Edition align its services with this field?
Deep tech refers to pioneering technologies such as machine learning, IoT, and synthetic biology—technologies that drive significant advancements across industries. Edition's alignment with deep tech involves developing transformative solutions that leverage these technologies, targeting areas innovation can have a profound impact on.

We focus on creating cutting-edge applications and systems that not only address current industry challenges but also anticipate future trends. By integrating deep tech into our service offerings, Edition is committed to ensuring our clients stay ahead in their respective fields with innovative and sustainable solutions.
How does Edition integrate machine learning and IoT into deep tech solutions?
At Edition, we blend machine learning and IoT to develop transformative new products from  healthcare and fintech, to the supply chain sector. We use these advanced technologies to assist in creating high-tech solutions that streamline operations and unlock new possibilities.

By leveraging machine learning for intelligent analysis and IoT for enhanced connectivity, we ensure our clients are well-equipped to lead and innovate in their industries.
What makes Edition distinct as a Webflow agency for deep tech companies?
Edition stands out as a Webflow agency by providing custom Webflow solutions specifically designed for deep tech ventures. Our approach involves deeply integrating the essence of each deep tech company's innovation into their website design, ensuring that every Webflow site we create is a true reflection of our client's cutting-edge work.

Our expertise across complex fields translates into Webflow websites that are intuitive and informative, resonating with the unique audiences of deep tech companies.
How does Edition craft branding and messaging for deep tech startups?
Our strategy for deep tech startups revolves around understanding the unique innovations of each venture and aligning this with their intellectual property and market presence. We use targeted messaging to shape a brand identity that communicates the essence each venture’s technology solutions effectively to their audience.
How does Edition assist deep tech startups in attracting venture capital?
At Edition, we facilitate growth for deep tech startups by enabling connections with our network of VCs (venture capitalists) and deep tech investors, focusing on deep tech investing. With strategic partnerships in Auckland and other innovation centres, we provide startups with unique investment opportunities, aiding in their journeys anywhere from concept to market leader.
How does Edition customise its services for various sectors in deep tech?
Edition tailors services for deep tech sectors by first understanding the unique challenges and goals of each client. From biotech to clean energy, we leverage our expertise in advanced technologies to develop bespoke solutions. This involves adapting our software development, UX design, and marketing strategies to address specific industry needs, ensuring our clients receive the most effective and innovative solutions.