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Empowering the education sector with exceptional EdTech, Edition combines user experience and innovation for transformative learning platforms.

EdTech Expertise

Early Childhood

Innovative EdTech for early childhood, fostering interactive and engaging learning experiences for the youngest learners.

Mental Health

Supporting mental health in education with EdTech tools designed for empathy and user experience.

Employee Engagement

Enhancing corporate training with EdTech solutions that prioritise employee engagement and professional development.

Online Courses

Creating comprehensive online courses, leveraging our expertise in EdTech website design and e-learning content.

Virtual Classrooms

Designing virtual classrooms that redefine the online learning experience with interactivity and accessibility.

Corporate Training

Crafting EdTech for corporate training, focusing on effective onboarding, skill development, and user engagement.

EdTech Services

Software Development

Developing robust, scalable EdTech solutions through software engineering, aligning with educational trends and institutional goals for dynamic, comprehensive results.

Product Discovery
Gaining insights that shape successful, responsive EdTech products, perfectly tailored to educators and learners.
Solution Mapping
Creating effective EdTech roadmaps by aligning technology solutions with educational objectives.
UI UX Design
Designing intuitive and engaging user interfaces for EdTech platforms, enhancing learning experiences and user interaction.
Agile Software Development
Adapting swiftly to changes in the EdTech sector with agile, responsive software development techniques.

Other Activities

Product Strategy


Design Sprints


Artificial Intelligence in Education


Mobile Learning App

EdTech Branding

Creating distinct brand identities for EdTech platforms, blending market trends and educational insights for resonant, memorable experiences.

Competitor Analysis
Conducting in-depth market analysis to strategically position your EdTech brand in a competitive landscape.
Brand Strategy
Developing strategic approaches to shape your EdTech brand, fostering connections and captivating your target audience.
Concept Development
Transforming innovative ideas into practical, market-ready EdTech solutions.
Logo Design
Designing impactful logos that encapsulate your EdTech brand’s identity and core values.

Other Activities

Educational Market Research


Customer Research


Trend Analysis

EdTech Websites

Designing comprehensive, learner-centric websites for EdTech businesses, focused on user engagement, seamless navigation, and optimal functionality.

Utilising visual concepts to drive the development of cohesive and compelling EdTech designs.
Laying the foundation for intuitive and effective EdTech website structures.
UI UX Design
Creating visually appealing and user-friendly designs for EdTech websites and applications.
Webflow Development
Constructing high-performance, responsive EdTech websites with seamless user interfaces.

Other Activities

Learning Management Systems


User Testing


Interface Design


API Integrations

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