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Enabling better healthcare through innovation


By combining innovative technology with vast medical expertise, Tend has single handedly transformed patient care in New Zealand.

Tend partnered with Edition to modernise their existing website, deliver patients a more user friendly experience, and empower their marketing team.

Our redesign and build of their website, now in Webflow, streamlines operations—enabling efficient and user-friendly content management for Tend and consistent, up-to-date patient pricing.




Marketing Website



UX Design

Visual Design

Content Strategy

Webflow Development

API Development

“Edition didn’t just build a website; they became an invaluable extension of our team.”

Sarah Aldworth

Head of Marketing at Tend

Prioritising accessibility

Tend’s vision is to transform healthcare for current and future generations in Aotearoa, New Zealand. This meant our design approach had to prioritise a balance of modern interface design and usability.

Tend's new website reflects their innovative approach to healthcare, merging technology with ease of access; a true dedication to equity and patient empowerment.

From Contentful to Webflow

Prior to using Webflow, Tend’s marketing team were at the mercy of their custom coded website and it’s bespoke Contentful CMS implementation. Seemingly simple website updates would require bargaining with the product team for support from their software engineers.

Tend's transition to Webflow has empowered the marketing team to operate free from the constraints of clunky technology. They have streamlined data management, and greatly enhanced operational efficiencies.
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