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Supporting the world’s #1 digital classroom tool with launching their new brand identity.


Kami is the world's #1 digital classroom tool. The in-browser app allows teachers and students to interact with, and collaborate on, documents and learning resources, either within the classroom or remotely.

Today, Kami serves more than 30 million teachers and students in over 180 countries. Their largest user community is in North America, where it has achieved widespread adoption, with over 90% of US schools now utilising the platform.

Following an exciting rebrand, Kami partnered with Edition to bring their brand identity to life across a completely new website experience.


Marketing Website


Discovery & user research
Solution architecture
Website design
Wordpress development

An exceptional browsing experience.

Our aim was to establish a cohesive and unified user experience throughout the Kami marketing website.

The Kami website adeptly conveys crucial information in a straightforward manner, catering specifically to educators and educational professionals seeking to integrate Kami into their classrooms.

With its contemporary, mobile-responsive design and lucid content, it is now effortless to grasp the value Kami brings to the classroom. Users can swiftly locate and explore content tailored to their requirements, ensuring an exceptional browsing experience.

An adaptable solution

We collaborated closely with Kami to craft a digital, web-centric rendition of their refreshed brand guidelines.

Understanding Kami's desire for an adaptable solution that could evolve and expand, we recognised the necessity of developing a digital brand guide and component library.

This helped to ensure Kami was empowered to progressively introduce news pages across the website in a seamless and efficient manner.

“Edition's passion and knowledge is absolutely unmatched, they made us feel confident that our needs were being met throughout the entire process.”

Shannon Doidge
Senior Copywriter at Kami

A bespoke WordPress website for flexibility and ease of use.

Prior to this engagement, Kami had been using WordPress for their website for almost 10 years. They also had an internal team that was proficient with WordPress.

Rather than migrate to Webflow, Kami made the deliberate choice to continue using WordPress, given the level of familiarity. As we embarked on developing Kami's new website, we remained focused on the need for a systematic solution that could easily be scaled further post launch.

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