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Refreshingly simple equity management


Orchestra is a well trusted equity ownership management platform that seamlessly navigates the complexities of equity financing, private capital markets, and the rise of employee share ownership.

Orchestra serves as a dynamic hub for businesses, enabling seamless communication and collaboration. It's not just a platform; it's the conductor of a symphony, harmonising shared ownership for the future of business.

Orchestra partnered with Edition to revitalise their brand identity and market positioning. Together, we created a rejuvenated look and feel, unveiling the refreshed brand through a newly designed marketing website.




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Brand Identity

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Harmonious Ownership

Orchestras new branding was thoughtfully designed to embody the essence of harmonious ownership, showcasing the synergy of multiple parts working in unison.

We worked together to define a new brand that hosted a sense of caring,  knowledgable and trustworthy. With the aim to also emphasises the concept of equity by highlighting the significance of each part contributing to a greater whole.

“We are very chuffed with our new website experience... it's MILES ahead of where we were!”

Renee Jameson

Chief Marketing Officer at Orchestra

A refreshed online presence

The new Orchestra website blends aesthetics and functionality. The new website not only reflects Orchestra's values and new branding but also prioritises an intuitive user experience. Bringing the brand though to a digital space allowed us to expand the identity further and grow their existing assets to flesh out their new positioning.

The website not only showcases Orchestra's equity management expertise but also provides visitors with a seamless and informative journey.
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