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A website fit for the future of technology.


UneeQ is a technology company with a presence in the United States and New Zealand, specializes in artificial intelligence. Their Digital Humans Technology empowers businesses to create, develop, and implement AI-driven digital humans, enhancing customer experiences.

The core mission of UneeQ is to provide exceptional digital human experiences, particularly in marketing, sales, and service domains. This involves simplifying processes, boosting conversions, and crafting memorable moments for brands and their customers.

Edition was engaged to redesign UneeQ's website and enhance their digital presence, with the goal of clarifying a relatively new but exciting concept for their user base.


Artificial Intelligence


Marketing Website


Discovery & user research

Solution architecture


Website design

Webflow development

A/B Testing

Social Ads

Empowering expansion

In close collaboration with UneeQ, we worked to create an elegant and visually appealing website aimed at enlightening their customers about the ways in which a digital human can enhance their own company's customer service capabilities.

Recognising UneeQ's preference for an adaptable solution with room for evolution, we understood the imperative of crafting digital brand elements and building components that the Uneeq team could readily manage.

This approach ensured that UneeQ had the capability to introduce new pages across the website in a seamless and efficient manner, empowering them for a progressive and smooth expansion.
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