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Supercharging donations


TaxGift is a digital platform that empowers those that donate to re-gift their donation tax credits back to New Zealand charities and schools—boosting their donation by up to 48%—at no cost to the donor.

With a thriving model quickly gaining traction, TaxGift approached us to help reimagine their brand and evolve existing technology, elevating it to a standard reflective of their valuable work.




Marketing Website

Brand Identity

Digital Product


Discovery & user research

Brand & visual identity

Product strategy & roadmapping

Web app design & development

Marketing collateral

Website redesign



Over one hundred charitable organisations and schools have registered with TaxGift.


Over forty thousand donors have used TaxGift to gift their donation tax credits.

A loveable, trustworthy brand

Over three weeks of open communication and collaboration with key stakeholders, we rebuilt TaxGift’s outdated brand into one that charities and schools could trust, and the public could love. We prioritised visually expressing TaxGift’s unique point of difference: enabling a charitable gift that keeps on giving.

With a unique balance of credible professionalism and warm personality, TaxGift’s modernised identity achieves our goal to position the brand as the country's preferred donation platform.

“We absolutely love the TaxGift rebrand created by Edition. We’ve had such fantastic feedback in the marketplace.”

Hannah Andrews

Founder & CEO, TaxGift

Communicating opportunity

There are currently over one billion charitable donation tax rebates available to be claimed in New Zealand alone. With an opportunity like that, it was imperative that we reviewed marketing collateral and sought ways to improve the communication of what TaxGift had to offer.

With half of their service offering based in finance, we needed to maintain a sense of authority and trust. However, with the other half rooted in charity and compassion, championing their kind and playful persona was key to adding some disruptive flair.

Optimising onboarding

While TaxGift is free to use, its' success relies entirely on donators opting in. However, naturally, charitable organisations are hesitant to over-engage their donors online; losing someone from a mailing list is potentially years of lost revenue.

We reimagined the donor onboarding process with the goal of creating a greater sense of confidence in TaxGift's service offering. While relatively simple in nature, this has helped to significantly improve donor opt-in.

Awards & Recognition

Gold Branding for Social Change

Indigo Design Awards

Gold in Technology Branding

Indigo Design Awards

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