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VidApp empowers content creators to design, launch, promote, and maintain their own personalised mobile and TV apps - at a fraction of the traditional cost. The platform allows content creators to provide subscribed app users with a suite of highly considered in-app features including journaling, weekly calendars, in-app purchases, custom playlists, and secure downloads.

VidApp approached Edition seeking a product design partner to support the company with their next stage of rapid growth.


Marketing Website
Digital Product


Created a new baseline component library
Optimised the grid and layout systems
Evolved the consumer app feature set
Optimised the client onboarding process
Reimagined the customer app builder



of users surveyed were “highly satisfied” with the new experience.


invested via the Kernel investor portal.


awarded the fastest growing fund manager in New Zealand, in 2021.

A consistent, custom app experience

It was crucial that VidApp could support both the creation and customisation of applications used across almost every different device, resolution, and screen size imaginable.

This required the design of a sophisticated yet simple user experience, focusing on common UI patterns. Taking a minimalist approach, we developed a component library using atomic design methodology. We opted for refined typefaces, simplified navigation architectures, and easily accessible content blocks.

“Edition have helped us deliver new features to our customers faster, and at a world class quality."

Rory Hancock
Co Founder, VidApp

Do-it-yourself approach

While VidApp offered customers the ability to design and launch their own apps, most new customers still required a significant amount of hand-holding before their app was in a position to be launched.

We reimagined the online app builder tool, optimising for a more do-it-yourself based approach. This has allowed VidApp to onboard a greater number of new customers per month, with much less investment of effort per customer.

World class fitness apps

VidApp has helped some of the world's leading fitness influencers connect with, and engage their followers, via bespoke mobile and TV applications - without the significant effort and cost typically required to do so.

Apps created using VidApp have been recognised among some of the best in their respective categories, with several even achieving 'Top 10' statuses in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Establishing the brand's credibility.

VidApp’s website is one of their most important touch points, crucial in their sales process. It needed to do a better job of communicating the vast product offering in an easy-to-digest format, as well as quickly establishing the brand's credibility.

We achieved this by better showcasing the success stories of existing, high-profile customers who use VidApp, and restructuring the page architecture of the website.

“I’m pumped with what this partnership has helped us achieve and it’s only the beginning!”

Ben Scott
Head of Operations, VidApp

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