Operations Manager

Full Time, Remote or In-Office (Ponsonby, Auckland)
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What you'll do

Deliver elegantly-simple solutions to the right problems — defined by insights and data on web, mobile, or multiple contexts, from digital to physical experiences

Work on a diverse portfolio of projects that spread across visual design, UX, and UI with smart and collaborative clients

Lead the creation of unified experiences across the entire customer journey that are contextual, clear, and elegant

Use storytelling, facilitation, and insights about users to create empathy and guide product teams

Raise the bar through your design work, facilitation, and client collaboration

Work on a multi-disciplinary team in a highly collaborative environment with diverse perspectives and expertise

About yourself

Demonstrated experience shipping multiple high impact, successful digital products

Strong verbal and visual presentation skills that get across the process, approach, and impact of your design

Deep understanding of how modern technologies are used with design

A mind for best practices, paired with a willingness to try something just crazy enough to work

Experience working within established design systems and continually evolving them to keep up with the ever changing product landscape

Ability to move quickly to prove out ideas, and a learning mindset

Strategic problem solving skills and the capacity to distill complex information into meaningful concepts or ideas

Deep understanding of current industry tools with the ability to adapt to new technologies

Strong sense of ethics, and responsibility in understanding the way the work we do influences the world around us

Curiosity, humility, and a passion for doing great work

The benefits

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