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Designing a world-class practice management solution.



Interviewing Healthcare professionals found that an average of 40% of their workday consists of low-value, repetitive tasks like scheduling, billing, reporting, and clinical note-taking. Time spent on paperwork is time taken from clients, yet this is their reality, as current solutions only cater to large organisations with complex needs.

Single-feature programs and manual processes cause information and workflow silos that drive staff burnout, deliver poor client experiences and cost lives. Our design challenge was to automate and optimise low-value Healthcare tasks with an all-in-one solution.


From the start, we co-created Carepatron with our audience. We ran behavioural interviews and questionnaires with 706 health professionals. We then tested an MVP solution with 234 Healthcare teams across New Zealand, Australia, Asia Pacific, and North America.

Early on, we discovered that a lack of modern, all-in-one software meant practitioners were often using outdated tech and processes. Our design had to cater to all skill levels and be accessible across different devices and screen sizes.

“Edition has been a key extension of our design and technology team. They have helped us launch the future of the Carepatron digital experience across all channels. The thing that puts them above anyone else is the fact that they care as much about your business as you do.”

Jamie Frew - CEO at Carepatron

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We developed a highly collaborative Healthcare space for clients and their teams –  bringing together all communication, records, and information into one beautifully simple interface. By facilitating appointments, streamlining workflow, and enabling the real-time sharing of tasks across decentralized care teams, we have delivered a system that genuinely reflects how people work. With our dynamic clinical templates curated by the global community, our users now communicate and capture information 83% faster than ever before.

Carepatron serves elegant experiences with client onboarding, billing, and payment automation, to anyone from anywhere, with our secure and empathetic HIPAA-certified telehealth tools.

The Results

Carepatron is giving an average of 2.6 hours per day back to Healthcare practitioners – freeing them up to influence clients’ lives more positively. It’s proving successful, with an NPS almost triple the industry benchmark, 300,000+ clinical events captured, and 78% of Healthcare professionals opting into Carepatron post-trial. Efficiently facilitating appointments, streamlining workflow and offering customisable templates means users are now communicating and capturing information 83% faster than ever before. By reducing admin and automating low-value tasks, Carepatron is putting practitioners back into the heart of Healthcare and is creating a community focused on the needs of clients, not clerical work.

Recognition & Awards